Artists Working Over Time

Posted: December 12, 2010 in Updates

Upon visiting the Renew Townsville sites this weekend we found Jamie, Jo, Jan and Katelyn hard at work on their spaces aiming for their respective launches this Friday night.

The following snapshots are only of Jo and Katelyn’s progress as we didn’t manage to cross paths with the ever dynamic Jamie due to his commitments with the Cotter’s Markets.  We will pin him  down and take some snaps early in the week to give you a glimpse at his progress.

Although the Friday night celebration is a “soft launch” it marks a significant point in the progress of the Renew project – and for the artists themselves, a moment to share their vision with the Townsville community.  It will surely be all hands on deck this week as they strive to go live by week’s end.

We will be circulating information regarding Friday night soon!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. I am exhausted!!!!! we are all going so hard at this but it is going to be amazing….so many people coming to see what we are doing and find out more. it is great…

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