(Re)New Spaces Launch

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Events

Something this way Friday comes ….

From 6:30pm December 17 we will be meeting in the OrganiGallery for a few speeches and the chance for the CBD community to meet our first round of artists.

Please then join us for a wander through the other spaces and a chance to celebrate all the hard work of Jo, Jan, Jamie and Katelyn (and their exceptionally supportive entourage of helpers) who have put in an amazing number of hours over the last couple of weeks to have their spaces ready for Friday night.

After what has been a rollercoaster six months or so of negotiations and careful planning for the Renew TSV team we cannot satisfactorily express how grateful we are of everyone who has helped us get to this critical point in the life of the project.

We hope to see you there on Friday night to share a glass of bubbly – and a collective sigh of relief – as we turn our attention to the next phase of the project.

Please, if you know of anyone who has the arts bug and would be inspired by the Renew TSV concept, invite them along on Friday to witness the energy and enthusiasm that the project has engendered in our ever increasing pool of artists, supporters and volunteers.

  1. Judy Bourke says:

    Congratulations. Jo Lancaster are you part of this group? we have new impetus in Wollongong as well, especially since the Viva La Gong Festival in the beginning of November10. A new group has started, Illawarra Association for the Visual Arts (IAVA) Cultivating Contemporary Arts.
    We have a Pop up gallery space in a vacant building owned by the GPT group.

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