Sadly, the Renew Townsville project has ended. 

For the record, Renew Townsville was a not for profit company limited by guarantee. Renew Townsville was established to find short and medium term uses for buildings in Townsville’s CBD that were vacant, disused, or awaiting redevelopment.

Renew Townsville aimed to find artists, cultural projects and community groups to use and maintain these buildings until they became commercially viable or were redeveloped. Renew Townsville was not set up to manage long term uses, own properties or permanently develop sites but to generate activity in buildings until that future long term activity happens.

Renew Townsville was founded to help solve the problem of Townsville’s empty CBD.

While the project was successful in many respects, with three spaces still in operation, many sites around the city are still boarded up, falling apart, vandalised or decaying because they are is no short term solution for their use.

Renew Townsville was set up to clean up these buildings and get the city active and used again.  Hopefully, the Renew Towsnville project can provide an example of what can be achieved with willingness of community and the creative energy of the arts sector.

Unfortunately, it took the energy and hard work of many to build but only a couple to bring to an end.

To be continued …