RADF Grant Application is Away

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Updates

Today we submitted our grant application for RADF.  Again, another monumental effort.  Thanks to everyone who submitted support letters and gave us guidence during this hectic period.  We would particularly like to thank Sandy McCathie from Eco Savvy for her incredible work in pulling this together for us.  Check out her site here.


Seed Funding for Renew Australia

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Renew Australia and the “Crunch”

Some exciting news today from Marcus Westbury and his ever expanding Renew project :

“A big announcement today. Following on from the success of Renew Newcastle, the Victorian social enterprise seeding initiative Social Traders program “The Crunch” has just announced that over the next four or so months they will invest $10,000 and serious mentorship, Melbourne University Business School support and other assistance towards the establishment of Renew Australia.”

You can find out more on Marcus’ blog site on the internets.

We’re the Real Deal Now

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Updates

Word came through this morning from MacDonnells Law that Renew Townsville is finally incorporated!

This is wonderful news as we can now accelerate the push into the spaces over the coming months.  We have many people to thank who have devoted considerable energies to this administrative side of the project to date, many of whom who have donated their professional skills and time.  These include and are by no means limited to the following individuals and organisations :

WHK Accountants
MacDonnells Law
Mark Kennedy
Linsey Plant
Craig Stack (CBD Taskforce)
Heidi Hatherell (Crystal Clear PR)
Kim Baker (Boheme Beauty)

We look forward to keeping you updated on our progress as we work through the remaining issues – ie. finalising the lease agreement, confirming electricty supply arrangements, finalising the public liability insurance policy and hopefully landing those long awaited funding commitments!

It has been a difficult time for us as we have been embroiled in the administration of the project.  At the moment it is perhaps a little to easy to get caught up in the technicalities of it all – the legal wrangling over the constitution, the fine print of the lease agreement, finding a suitable insurer for something as peculiar and left of centre as Renew Townsville – and lose sight of the bigger picture.

The message we would like to get out to the arts community is that we are still hammering away and we expect to be able to announce some tangible news soon.  In the interim, those of you who are so inclined can follow our progress through the minutes of our meetings over the last couple of months.

Download : Meeting Notes 2 June

Download : Meeting Notes 28 June

Download : Meeting Notes 8 July

Download : Meeting Notes 21 July

Dual Context: Vidéoclubparis

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Urban Renewal
Video Club Paris

Viewers Lounging at Exhibit "En Maillot de Bain (In A Bathing Suit)"

An urban renewal project via a gallery reinvention from Paris :

“A new gallery for video art, Vidéoclubparis offers a single, hybrid space with two parallel modes of screening. The first is a monthly, online exhibition of a dozen young artists, centered around a variety of themes (from ‘soundtrack’ to ‘bathing suit’, among many others); presented with basic information about the pieces and their creators. The second part is a live screening-event organized for each opening, in unlikely, semi-private places ranging from a sauna to a Bollywood video store. By seeking out unique locations for screenings, the event challenges the idea of the formal white cube – an aspect that is emphasized by the parallel screenings on the web. “The aim is to create bipolar screenings, we’re trying to do the high jump between watching videos online and taking people to a place completely unexpected,” said Stéphanie Cottin, co-founder of the organization, “the two work well together, because the extravagance of the events balances out the conventionalism of the online curation.”

For more info visit our friends at Rhizome

“Closing of our first round of submissions is approaching fast, projects can be film and animation studios, fashion designers, jewelers, eco businesses, art & craft galleries, community groups… If you have an idea that you need to work up, or want to find others to share a space with, then come along to our next workshop this Monday 21st June at 5:30pm at Umbrella Studio”

First Workshop a Success!

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Updates
Renew TSV Workshop

Renew TSV Workshop Flyer

Our first workshop for people interested in applying for a space was very well attended, with more than 30 people attending with plenty of interesting project ideas. Due to the success of this workshop, the group has decided to hold another workshop before the first round of submissions close.