Katelyn Aslett (Business name TBA)

Katelyn Aslett

Katelyn Aslett

“What I plan to do in the space is set up a boutique style front area with racks of wearable art works and designer fashion pieces. The walls will be decorated with artworks. There will also be a mixture of renovated wooden furniture used as display areas to add atmosphere. Towards the back will be my working table where I will work making pieces while I am there. People will be able to see the art being created as well as look at the finished work. It will be a colourful, engaging and boutique feeling space.”

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The Brush & Press Studio : Jo Lankester Limited Edition Print Studio

Jo Lankester, +X, 2010, Collagrah, 80 x 60 cm, Edition 5

“Brush & Press Studio is the official home to Jo Lankester Limited Edition Print Studio.
Jo works full time in the studio creating prints exhibition prints and limited editions for artists in both intaglio and relief.
Past exhibition prints are currently on display including a limited edition range of greeting cards.

Brush & Press Studio is a working studio that sells prints, paintings and printmaking products direct to you.

Brush & Press Studio is unique artist studio offering printmaking workshops in non-toxic process, stocking Heidelberg Fine Art printmaking products including papers, inks and etching presses. Original prints and paintings by local artists are on display and and available for sale.”

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(Sarah Funkhouser & Jamie Thompson)

“We envisage a large space that utilizes recycled and semi-industrial materials to create not only a community ‘eco business’ hub and retail outlet for sustainably produced food and other items, but also a community art’s hub and open workshop, extending beyond a large gallery space—catering for static displays and rotating feature exhibitions.

The project would plan for a steady supply of organic food items in a fixed area of the ‘space’ as well as a fixed area for other products, which support our recycle/renewable ‘eco’ ethos. Ideally we’d like to get local farmers who are producing food in a sustainable manner to supply us with in-season fresh produce and have boxes of such available for pick up one day per week. Dry food items would be preferably stored in bulk and sold to customers in their own containers. We come to the project with 1 large freezer and 2 other refrigerators for use so far (Sarah’s). We also visualize a space where we could have eco-information posted permanently and seminars or community discussions that involve education/ways to live more sustainably.

The art component of “Organi-Gallery” would use the mass of crates, timber and steel that Jamie has access to, so as to create the look and feel of a NY industrial but chic art warehouse (moveable ‘walls’ idea), where artists could potentially have space to work in and also display their art in a rotating manner. We see the art aspect as another place where artists could come for workshops, inspiration, a chat, and exchange of not only ideas but perhaps even a recycled art materials exchange—a real community arts hub.”

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The Cereal Box

Featuring ETC (Emerging Townsville Creatives)

Robert Crispe

Robert Crispe - Guerilla Projection 2010

‘ETC’  is a collective of artists and arts workers formed to initiate and construct an unconventional interpretation of a gallery space. The multi-arts venue ‘Cereal Box’, which was the old Williams shoe shop, will showcase the talents of local young and emerging artists from fields of new media, traditional media, photography, sound and design in a venue dissimilar to any in Townsville. This young fresh and funky collective will aim to inspire, shock and challenge Townsville’s emerging creatives. ETC’s core group members are Elly Murrell, Jess Hay and Robert Crispe.

With the inclusion of exhibiting work, we intend to offer the space as a come and go studio, giving the opportunity to hopefully initiate prospective collaboration. This space has potential to be marketed as a spot for office workers to eat lunch, an alternative meeting spot for JCU students to have group meetings, fashion shows, etc.. All in all this art space will be a fresh unconventional answer to the formal gallery structure, it should be a new experience, a psychedelic zone to chill and create, held together by a group of passionate emerging Townsville artists.

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